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Posted 5. April 2010 13:30 in Tools

Last year I started creating a .NET version of the classic board game RoboRally from Wizards Of The Coast. It started out as a very basic implementation of the original rules, but after I spent some time developing the groundwork for the game, I found it pretty easy to implement a bigger chunk of the game and the features I had planned for the next versions. So instead of being a single player version it is going to be a full on network enabled eight player extravaganza of RoboRally.

Since it's a pretty large project, I've decided to create a separate blog for it. You can find it at Don't be fooled by the fact that development on the game has been standing still the last couple of months, it's just because I've been extremely busy at work. Things have settled down now, and I've started picking up the game development again. So the project is far from dead.

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