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I developed this application when I had to migrate a bunch of webservers to a new hosting provider. I figured that this kind of job normally would take a long time and tedious detective work to figure out which domains on the webservers were still active. So I created IISList to quickly get a list of all configured hostheaders on an IIS webserver, and in conjunction with Batch DNS Lookup it was fairly easy and fast to determine wich sites were inactive and could be shut down, and wich sites that needed to have DNS changes applied.

It is a console app, and it only works with IIS 6.0. It has the following syntax:

IISList <server> [<username>] [<password>]

It will generate an output consisting of:

  • Website description/name
  • The attached hostheaders for this domain
  • Port number used for the hostheaders
  • Status of the website (running or stopped)


This list can be exported by piping the output to a file like this:

IISList localhost > list.csv

Then you have a file that is easy to work with in other programs. I usually import the file into Excel, sort the list, removing stopped sites, copy the remaining list of hostheaders and paste them into Batch DNS Lookup. Then it is easy to determine with websites that need attention.


Download IISList 1.0 (3.8kb, requires .NET 2.0)