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IPv6 support in Batch DNS Lookup

Posted 14. February 2013 22:13 in Tools

There's a new version of Batch DNS Lookup ready for download. 

It's another minor update where I have fixed a critical bug with reverse lookups. I have also added support for IPv6 lookups through AAAA records and PTR records.

Get the new version here.

Minor update of Batch DNS Lookup

Posted 2. August 2010 20:16 in Tools

I have just uploaded a minor update for Batch DNS Lookup. You can download the new release here (Batch DNS Lookup v1.2.1.0).

You now have the option to specify a custom delimiter when exporting data. It is also possible to export data directly to the clipboard. And there's a few new settings available. You can now specify the timeout and retry count for the DNS queries.

Batch DNS Lookup 1.2 released

Posted 13. July 2010 14:03 in Tools

Batch DNS Lookup 1.2 has just been released!

There's a lot of new features available, which you can read more about on the download link, but the biggest improvement is definitely the addition of multithreaded lookups.

The application will now lookup several domains at the same time, which gives a total speed increase of up to 80% compared to the old version.

You can download the new version for free here.

IISList and Batch DNS Lookup

Posted 4. April 2010 21:52 in Tools

I've just uploaded IISList and Batch DNS Lookup.

It is two utilities I created for a migration job where I had to relocate a bunch of webservers that in the process needed to change IP-addresses, which in turn meant that I had to get a complete list of which domains needed to be changed.

You can see more information about the tools on the download pages.